You may notice some correspondence from our office from Allied Digestive Health. Allied Digestive Health was formed byRed Bank Gastroenterology, Atlantic Gastroenterology Care Associates, Advanced Gastroenterology Associates, Monmouth Gastroenterology and Shore Gastroenterology Associates to provide quality care to all of our patients while adjusting to changes in health care delivery. You will continue to receive your gastroenterologic care at the same location, delivered by the same physician. If you have specific questions about the name change and what it means to you, please discuss this with us during your next visit.

Tell the office you want to sign up for the Portal at your next office visit or call 732.842.4294

You will receive an email from our practice/Allied Digestive Health with a link and PIN number

to register at:

With the Portal you can:

» Request appointments                       » Check your results        

» Send a message to our practice        » Update your personal medical records

» Log-on 24/7 access from anywhere

How to fill out and update your medical history using the portal

How to sign up for the patient portal and fill out your medical history using the portal


Q. I’ve registered, created a username and password, now what?

A. Complete your medical, family and social history. Click send to submit your information directly to
​our office.

Q. How do I send a message to the doctor’s office like a request to schedule an appointment?

A. Click on the message tab. Click “new” and compose your message. Hit send.

Q. How do I receive messages through the Portal?

A. You will receive a notification email when you have a message waiting in the Portal. Click on the message tab then click on “new messages.”

Q. How do I update my personal information?

A. Click on Health Summary, then click on update. Change the information you want. Click on “send” to
​submit changes.

Q. How do I reset my password?

A. Click on My account/change password. Enter username, DOB and registered email address.

Q. What do I do if my account is locked due to too many failed login attempts?

A. Click on the “change password” tab and follow the instructions.

Q. Can I refill my prescription through the Portal?

A. No, you must go directly through your pharmacy in order to refill your prescription.


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